4 Best Hidden Gem Video Conferencing Platforms Fall 2020

We all know who the big players are, but look take a look at what you and your company are missing out on.

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With our new way of living and that #workfromhome lifestyle, remote work and collaboration is now more important than ever. You are probably familiar with what platforms are being used and having the most outages (*cough* e-learning issues *cough*), but there are a ton of other platforms that are waiting to be used with some arguably better features. Check it out:

  1. Intouch

Intouch is listed number one on this list for a reason. The entire platform can be redesigned to fit a customer’s unique needs with 24/7 support. Features include chat, custom branding, live streaming and recording tools, moderator tools to control participant access and enhanced security encryption. The tool is web-based, also having native Android and iOS features, but arguably their best feature is all it takes is send out the meeting link and you’re in. No sign-ups or additional downloads required. And no time limits. Later releases include multiple meeting rooms and enhancements to their live stream integration for YouTube.

2. Remo

Remo is a video virtual workspace for remote and distributed teams. Their focus is on maximum engagement at virtual events that includes in-app chat to ask and vote on questions and presenter engagement with no delays. They boast a 3x higher attendance rate, 25% increased leads and 89% higher event engagement. Plus, cute virtual tables and couches for your attendees — what’s not to like?

3. Starleaf

The UK-based company provides a range of business helpful integrations including Slack and Skype for Business and file sharing. It is available as an app for Android, iOS and Windows users. StarLeaf’s website mentions a ISO/IEC 27001 certification. Their meetings also include User Status settings such as available, offline, in a call or do not disturb.

4. ezTalks Meeting

ezTalks describes themselves as a “one-stop video conferencing solution provider”. Besides video conferencing they offer a range of products such as cameras for quality calls. Their website mentions a simple to use interface with features such as telephone call-in and the ability to sync Outlook/Google contacts with ezTalks Contacts, or to enter the email address to add contacts.

The above options are all great and not only make your company stand out from others, but help your business operations function more seamlessly. While we all look forward to moving back to our offices (or not, PJ workdays all day, everyday!) remote work will be here to stay for a very long time and we deserve to be using the technology that helps our teams do their best.

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