We all know who the big players are, but look take a look at what you and your company are missing out on.

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With our new way of living and that #workfromhome lifestyle, remote work and collaboration is now more important than ever. You are probably familiar with what platforms are being used and having the most outages (*cough* e-learning issues *cough*), but there are a ton of other platforms that are waiting to be used with some arguably better features. Check it out:

  1. Intouch

Intouch is listed number one on this list for a reason. The entire platform can be redesigned to fit a customer’s unique needs with 24/7 support. Features include chat, custom branding, live streaming and recording tools, moderator tools to control participant access and enhanced security encryption. The tool is web-based, also having native Android and iOS features, but arguably their best feature is all it takes is send out the meeting link and you’re in. No sign-ups or additional downloads required. And no time limits. Later releases include multiple meeting rooms and enhancements to their live stream integration for YouTube. …

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